‘80s Cartoon Villains Catch Air in Art Series by Andy MacDonald

ArtHumor by Eli Reyes

When the fate of the world or even the entire universe is at stake, you always hope the heroes will swoop in and save the day. But I think it’s totally kosher to root for the villains if the only thing at stake was, say, mmmm… bragging rights after a game of pickup basketball??? In this art series by Andy MacDonald, ‘80s cartoon villains show off their hops, take it to the rim, and just like a real game of pickup hoops, I imagine these villainous characters let things escalate and get out of hand quickly. With the height advantage, Megatron must play center. Cobra Commander is probably point guard with those ball handling skills he's putting on display with that under the leg dunk. And given the fact that Krang is lazily laying up the wrong object, they should have let him come in on the next game. "He's blowing it for us!!!!"

Thanks to Geek-Art for the behind the back pass!

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