Bandai's DRAGON BALL Adverge Figures Give Nappa a Toupee

A tweet was recently sent out to show off the new Dragon Ball Adverge figurines from Bandai. Overall, they look pretty cool and a great collectible for any Dragon Ball fan. There’s one figure that seems to come with a special gift: Nappa. Nappa is Vegeta’s original “friend” who dies in the first saga of Dragon Ball Z. He’s bald. Oddly enough, the figure will come with a toupee. Have I missed something in Dragon Ball Super? I don’t think it looks very good either. I just don’t understand why they included such a random add-on for Nappa, unless there’s something in Dragon Ball Super or one of the specials that I missed. Do you like Nappa with or without hair?

According to the tweet, it looks like the figures will go on sale in August in Japan for about 500 yen.

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