EVOLVE - New Trailer Shows the Conflict from Both Sides


When you watch the first part of this trailer, from Goliath’s perspective, you get a sense of the raw power he possesses, and the constant cat and mouse game that is played throughout a match. After viewing Goliath’s point of view initially, it was easy to forget how tense a match can be when playing as one of the various soldiers tasked with taking him down. In the interactive trailer you can switch between all 4 of the various classes to get a taste of what a match feels like, but just watch the poor trapper’s cam to see just how quickly a hunter can become prey in the world of Evolve.

Within 2 seconds the monster pounces, pummeling him to near death. That kind of intensity seems to permeate the entire match, and is one of the many reasons that Evolve is one of my most anticipated multiplayer games of the season. You can catch some additional screens below from Turtle Rock Studio’s upcoming title, and make sure to watch the entire trailer when you get a chance. It’s great stuff, and the commentary seals the deal.

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