9 Things You Need To Know About PS4’s Virtual Reality Headset

via: Kotaku

via: Kotaku

Earlier today at the 2014 Game Developers Conference, Sony formally announced that they’re working on a virtual reality headset. If you’re a hardcore gamer you’ve probably kept up with all of the rumors and speculation surrounding this Oculus Rift competitor. But if you’re just a casual gamer like myself, you need someone to break it down for you because all you’re thinking about are the many attempts at VR that came and went in the '90s which failed to impress — lookin' at you Virtual Boy. PlayStation Access does just that in this video breakdown of the VR headset.

If you need an even more concise breakdown of the key features of the VR Headset that will integrate with the PlayStation 4’s camera, controller, and Move motion sensors, I’ve also included a list of features below. 

Specs found in the current Project Morpheus prototype: (source: TechCrunch)

  • 1080p display
  • 1000Hz motion detection
  • Only one headset at a time is supported
  • Headset is currently connected to the PS4 by a 5-meter wire
  • Positional/rotational head tracking
  • Tracking is handled by the same camera that tracks PS4 Move controllers
  • It works for people with glasses
  • Content pushed to the Morpheus can be mirrored to a TV, but it sounds like it can handle asymmetric gameplay (different things on each screen) as well.
  • An “Open air” design prevents the lenses from fogging up.

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