A Behind the Scenes Look at How JURASSIC PARK Changed Movies

Jurassic Park is one of the greatest movies ever created and, like Star Wars, has played a huge role in the evolution of how movies are made. Jurassic Park lead the film industry into the digital age with it's amazingly realistic CGI dinosaurs. Steven Spielberg was originally going to use stop-motion animation, they did a ton of prep work for it, but once he and the producers saw what could be done with with CG animation they immediately switched gears, and that's what they wanted to work with. As you all know the result was incredible, and the animation that was done for the movie still holds up after all these years.

Academy Originals released a compelling behind the scenes video that gives us a detailed background story of how this film production met CGI. It shows off a lot of that original stop-motion test footage that was done for the movie, including the CGI test that won everyone over. The video also illustrates the impact that it had on the future of filmmaking. I also included two other documentaries on the feature for you to watch. They are called The Making of Jurassic Park and The Real Jurassic Park: A Scientific Blueprint for Building the Ultimate Time Machine. They contain a ton of great information. All of these are a must watch for any fan of Jurassic Park.

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