A Bunch of STAR WARS Books Focused on SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Have Been Announced

As you know, every Star Wars movie that is made is followed by a ton of different kinds of books including novels, comics, art books, and more. Thanks to EW, we have a slew of upcoming books that will be released that revolve around Solo: A Star Wars Story. Some of them will dive into the stories of the characters involved with the film and offer lots of new details and information. These books have been created to help enhance the narrative. Below you'll find a few of several books that will be released.

Last Shot - by Daniel José Older

This novel is said to connect three eras in the lives of Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. Lucasfilm Publishing creative director Michael Siglain, talked about it saying:

“Part of it takes place before the events of Solo and focuses on Lando and L3-37. Part of it takes place between Solo and A New Hope, and that focuses on Han and Chewie, and that’s where we get Sana Starros for the first time."

Starros is the character that was first introduced in the Marvel Comics, who claimed to be married to Han:

“Part of it takes place post-Return of the Jedi, and that’s where we see Han, Leia, a very young Ben Solo, and Lando come into the story.We bounce around through time. We always wanted to tell a story that had Han and Lando having one adventure after Return of the Jedi. At the same time, we really liked the idea of contrasting that with seeing them much earlier in their lives. A crime lord comes looking for the owner of the Millennium Falcon, but mistakenly thinks it was Han Solo at the time, but it was really Lando — which gets Lando mixed up in something else Han did that was Han’s fault. All these years later, the two of them have to right a wrong from much earlier in their history."

The cover is reversible. On one side we see Han's silhouette, while on the other we see Lando’s. There’s also a “convention exclusive” cover featuring L3 and Chewbacca:

Most Wanted - by Rae Carson

This is a Young Adult book and it focuses on Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo and Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra, when they were teenagers. Siglain offers the following details:

"This is about the younger, young Han solo. We’ll see what it was like for these two kids from Corellia to survive the seedy streets of this industrial world. They’re definitely products of their environment, and this story shows that."

Lando: Double or Nothing - by Rodney Barnes

Of course, Lando is getting his own comic book! This Marvel Comics miniseries was written by Rodney Barnes (The Boondocks) and will play out over five issues. Siglain says:

"It’s focused on Lando set during an incident right before the film, with backstory about Lando and L3. Coming out of the film, we think everyone is going to want ot read more about Lando."

The series will be released the Wednesday after the movie opens because its story is so closely tied into the movie.

The Art of Solo - by Phil Szostak

“This is another of those really beautiful art books that shows various pieces of concept art that went into this film,” Siglain says. “You see the evolution of Solo through this book, and the insight that Phil gets from everyone in the production is incredible.”

Solo: The Official Guide - by Pablo Hidalgo

"This one combines the popular formats of a Visual Dictionary with part of a cross-sections book,” Siglain says. “This gives you insight into the characters, and the props, vehicles, and tech that you see in the film. And it’s written by [Lucasfilm story group member] Pablo Hidalgo, so we have it on good authority that all of this is correct."

The Mighty Chewbacca: Forest of Fear - by Tom Angleberger

In this middle-grade reader, a Wookiee is sent on a pet-sitting mission to care for a Golden Tooka. “Chewbacca thinks it’s a dull babysitting job, but he not only has to save the day, but save Han Solo,” says Siglain. “He gets mixed up with a droid he thinks is a cargo droid, but the readers will recognize as K-2S0 [from Rogue One], who is on a mission for Cassian Andor.” They will also cross paths with a new character, Mayv Trillick, who may have the coolest job in the galaxy: librarian bounty hunter.

Star Wars: Adventures (free preview)

This is part of an onging IDW comic book series, and the first of the three-part young Solo storyline by writer Cavan Scott will be released as part of Free Comic Book Day. The heroes are targeted by bounty hunters familiar to fans of The Empire Strikes Back — Zuckuss and 4-LOM.

I Am a Wookiee - by Geof Smith

This Little Golden Book is part of another ongoing Star Warsseries for younger readers. “We’ve done I Am a RebelI Am a Jedi, I Am a Sith,” Siglain says. This Chewbacca tale brings some adorableness to the world of Wookiees.

Solo: Train Heist

Hop aboard the Conveyex for a ride through the mountains as Han Solo and Chewbacca do their best to steal what’s secured within. Basically, it’s a retelling of this action scene from the movie. “It gives kids a piece of the film to take home with them,” Siglain says.

Colouring Book

This preview goes with the British spelling. No word just yet who that droid on the cover may be.

To check out all of the other books head on over to EW!

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