A Classic STAR WARS Character is Rumored to Be Returning For STAR WARS: EPISODE IX

There's a new rumor regarding J.J. Abrams' Star War: Episode IX that some of you might be interested in reading. The report comes from Fantha Tracks who says that they've heard from two independent sources that a classic Star Wars character will be returning for this final chapter of the trilogy. Possible Spoilers ahead:

According to the report, Billy Dee Williams will finally make his triumphant return to the Star Wars franchise and Lando Calrissian. If this is true, it would be super exciting! Here's what they say:

"We were asked by our original source to verify this with another independent source before we ran with it. We did that, confirming that this is indeed correct (and before anyone asks, we’re not going to name our sources because that’s not how this works). Filming on Episode IX starts next month, so expect to see official confirmation of this exciting casting very soon."

I know this is just a rumor, but I was hoping that we'd see Lando make an appearance in this latest saga trilogy. It kinda makes sense for him to return for this third one. Lucasfilm has already killed off Han and Luke, and with Leia not returning Lando is the one other big character from the original trilogy to bring back. Hopefully, J.J. Abrams doesn't end up killing him off as well. 

Before this rumor broke, there was speculation that Williams, who is 81-years-old, would be returning to the role because he has changed up his exercise and eating habits. Some fans think that he's doing this to prepare for the role.

Do you hope to see Lando take on a role in the story for Episode IX?

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