A CRAZY RICH ASIANS Sequel is Already in Development at WB

I saw Crazy Rich Asians for the first time last night and I thought it was an absolutely wonderful film! I really enjoyed it and thought it told a great story with some great characters. If you haven't seen it yet, you might want to give it a shot.

The movie has been enjoying success at the box office, and it may not come as a surprise to some people, but a sequel for the film is now in development at Warner Bros. The news comes from Deadline, who reports that screenwriters of the first film. Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim, will write the script for the sequel. Director Jon M. Chu is also planning to return as well. Actors Constance Wu, Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh also all have options to return for a sequel. 

There is a trilogy of books that were written by Kevin Kwan and I imagine that they will all end up being adapted into movies. The second book is called China Rich Girlfriend and the third is called Rich People Problems. Here's the story description for the sequel:

It’s the eve of Rachel Chu’s wedding, and she should be over the moon. She has a flawless Asscher-cut diamond, a wedding dress she loves, and a fiancé willing to thwart his meddling relatives and give up one of the biggest fortunes in Asia in order to marry her. Still, Rachel mourns the fact that her birthfather, a man she never knew, won’t be there to walk her down the aisle.  

Then a chance accident reveals his identity. Suddenly, Rachel is drawn into a dizzying world of Shanghai splendor, a world where people attend church in a penthouse, where exotic cars race down the boulevard, and where people aren’t just crazy rich … they’re China rich.

Producer Nina Jacobson previously talked about the prospect of a sequel the weekend that the movie was released, saying:

"Let the audience ask for the sequel. We’d love to make one, but not unless the audience asks for it, and hopefully they will this weekend."

Well, the audience came through and the movie has $44.4M in the first week on the $30M budget production. There's a good chance that it may ultimately make $100M-$110M domestically by the end of its run. 

I'm personally happy to hear that there's going to be a sequel! 

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