A DC-Themed Restaurant is Being Planned for the UK

UKDCRestaurant by Tommy Williams

The United Kingdom may be a dream destination for DC fans in the near future. According to Bleeding Cool (via CBM) a new DC themed restaurant is currently being planned and it sounds interesting.

The proposed design continues the use of the space as a high-end restaurant. The restaurant will be rooted within the DC Multiverse, taking visitors on a culinary adventure through the many fictional Universes famous for its superhero residents such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The style and design of the DC Multiverse are heavily influenced by the Art Deco period with the style prominent within its publications and film and television work.

The restaurant will not be a ‘theme park’ with literal sets and costumes from the franchise, but it has the intention to invite guests to experience the DC Universe without breaking the fourth wall- the imaginary wall that separates the audience from the performance. Reflecting Oliver Bernard’s work, the design will be a contemporary interpretation of the Art Deco period. This approach will evoke a sense of atmosphere prevalent in DC and the Titanic Bar without resorting to pastiche, encapsulating the Art Deco ethos of endless possibilities- progression and forward movement of time.

I do hope that the Batman sections are actually decently lit, and the guests aren’t left to hold their menus up to their faces. I do think this is a really cool idea that could be done well. I also fear that it could go horribly wrong. I could see it being too subtle with the DC references or even worse, being too overt with the references. If this is built, would you want to go visit?

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