A DEADPOOL 2 Panel Will Fill Marvel's Spot at Comic-Con and There Will Be a Uncut Version of the Film Screened!


As we've already heard, Marvel Studios is ditching out on Comic-Con this year because they don't want to reveal their next phase of films yet. With Marvel skipping out on the event, Deadpool 2 will be there to fill the Marvel void!

A panel for Deadpool 2 has slipped into Marvel's normal panel slot on Saturday, July 21st, at 5:30pm in Hall H. It makes sense that Deadpool would take the slot even though the movie has already been released. It seems like something Deadpool would totally do and there's no doubt that Ryan Reynolds is going to have a lot of fun with it!

Here are the details that we have so far on the Ryan Reynolds led panel:

"Prepare for the ultimate superhero landing as Deadpool and pals drop into Hall H for an hour of maximum effort. Expect dirty jokes, broken fourth walls, maybe some spandex, and real, live unicorns!* *Panel may not actually include mythical creatures."

If they don't bring in actual real live unicorns... I'm going to be very upset. They don't say who will be in attendance, but I imagine the full cast of the film will be there to party with the fans.

It was also announced that there will be a "super duper special screening" on Deadpool 2: Uncut, which is obviously an extended uncut version of the film for the fans to enjoy! That will take place at the Horton Grand Theater at 10pm after the panel. That extended cut of the film will be released later this year when the film hits home video.

If you're going to Comic-Con will you be attending the Deadpool 2 panel and screening!?

Via: Entertainment Weekly

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