A Different Actor Was Cast as a Young Luke Skywalker For a Deleted Scene in THE FORCE AWAKENS and Here's a Photo

There is a deleted scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens that would have featured a flashback of the lightsaber duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back.

This scene would have been featured in Rey’s vision when she picks up Luke’s long lost lightsaber. They even cast a different actor to play the young version of Luke Skywalker and that actor was Robert Boulter.

A photo of Boulter in full costume and make-up has popped up online showing the actor in the role. As you will see below, all of the details of Luke Skywalker’s look from the film have been meticulously recreated for this scene. It’s cool, but it’s also a little weird seeing a different actor in the role of Luke Skywalker. I imagine they would have touched up the face with some CGI to make him look more like a young Hamill.

It would have been interesting to see how this reenactment of Luke and Vader’s duel from Empire Strikes Back would have played out in Rey’s vision. It must have offered a different vantage point from duel, otherwise they could have just incorporated footage from the original film. I wonder why the scene ended up being cut.

I wonder if we’ll ever see the footage that was shot for this. In the meantime you can watch Rey’s vision from The Force Awakens below if you want.

What do you think about Bouter’s Luke Skywalker look and do you think we’ll ever see the deleted scene see the light of day?

Via: /Film

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