A Full Red-Band Trailer Has Dropped For The Jacked-Up Thriller ASSASSINATION NATION


"When 17,000 people's texts and emails get leaked, shit gets really fucking weird."

We've already posted a couple of teaser trailers for Assassination Nation, but this is the crazy jacked-up full red-band trailer and it's filled with all kinds of bloody and disturbing madness. 

This movie is completely messed-up in every way, and this trailer gives you your best look yet at wants in store for audiences. I had the opportunity to see this movie as Sundance earlier this year, and it was one of my favorite films there. Here's a rundown of the story of the film from my review:

The film is set in the small town of Salem, reminiscent of where 20 witches were hung because of nothing more than rumors about them being witches. In fact, imagine how much crazier things might have been if the Salem Witch mob had access to social media. That is kind of the road that this movie takes us down.
Assassination Nation is set in the present-day and centers around a high school senior named Lilly and her three best friends, who like most people these days, engulf themselves in social media with all of the selfies, texting, chatting, and photos. Well, these four young ladies are forced to fight for their lives when an anonymous hacker exposes all of the town’s dirty little secrets from their digital private lives. This includes browser histories, direct messages, illegal downloads, secret texts and a lot of these things have the power to ruin lives. The people of the town become fed up with the leaks and they end up going bat-shit crazy with rage as they try to find out who is behind it.

This movie definitely isn't for everyone. There's no doubt that it will offend the shit of some people. But if you like what you see in this trailer then this film is for you. 

The film comes from writer and director Sam Levinson and stars a talented cast that includes Joel McHaleOdessa Young, Suki Waterhouse, Hari Nef, Abra, Bill Skarsgard and Bella ThorneDavid S. Goyer (Man of Steel) is also a producer on the film.

The film will be released in theaters on September 21, 2018. 

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