A Game of MAGIC: THE GATHERING Turns Violent as Man Gets Stabbed Seven Times During Argument

It's nothing new for things to get heated during an intense game of anything with friends, especially if some of those friends are competitive and hardcore fans of whatever game is being played. I've been involved in a few crazy games like that in my time whether it's a board game like Risk or a video game like Gears of War. I never got insanely violent, though! 

I used to play Magic: The Gathering a lot when I was in high school, but my friends and I never tried to kill each other over it! 

According to a report from the St. Cloud Police Department and an argument erupted between two men during a game and it led to one man being smashed over the head with a mallet and stabbed multiple times! CBS Local in Minnesota reports: 

A 20-year-old man and 31-year-old Elija Creech got into an argument about their game of “Magic: The Gathering” at an apartment. Police say Creech hit the man in the head with a rubber mallet and then stabbed him seven times in the front, sides and back of the neck.

What the freakin' hell!? That's insane! Creech obviously has some crazy anger issues that he needs to work on. At least he called 911 after he stabbed the other guy seven times to make sure his friend had a chance to live.

He's now in jail facing charges of first and second-degree assault.

Between this and the Star Wars and Star Trek debate that ended up in a crazy fight, geeks really need to calm down, or start taking self defense classes.  

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