A GameTyrant 2013 After Christmas List


So this is going to be a new tradition, as there is no better time of year than Christmas time, and what better way to celebrate than by gathering together all the cool stuff out there not currently sitting in your amazon or ebay wishlists into one place? You have to have something to do with all that Christmas Cash, right?

Knicks and Knacks

All those weird things that are just plain cool that some people (i.e. me) put all over their desks at work and freak people out with. I let my geek flag fly, baby!

POP Figures Galore

Funko is slowly conquering the planet, and at this point almost have every license known to man. In fact, I hear there is a Mr. Belvedere set of Funkos coming next year. In any event, there are plenty to choose, so here are a smattering of my favorite stocking stuffers this year. Here is a tip; Hot Topic and Books a Million have great selections on a regular basis.

The Things No One is Actually Going to Buy You, but Why Not List It Anyway

Yeah, so this is the section that is really for YOU to look at so after all the gift cards and Christmas cash is collected, you can know what you have to make up by selling all the stuff you didn’t want. Let's be real though, you’re not going to buy half of this stuff in your lifetime, but it's still cool to dream.

Games Are Art, Literally

Some of my favorite prints that are just begging for some wall space in your gaming locale of choice.

They’re Not Toys!

Actually they kind of are toys, but like really cool crazy articulated and wildly expensive ones. No one would blame you  for  recreating a scene from Arkham City at your desk with these. Actually, that’s not completely true, sure you would be judged, but I wouldn’t judge you, and that’s all that matters.

Nothing Beats A Tabletop

Here are some upcoming and recent games that have made the leap to the table, including at least 10 variants of my favorite game that no one will actually play with me, Risk.

That wraps it up, so now that Christmas has come to a close, get to shopping with all those hard earned gift cards!

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