A Group of Teenagers in The 80s Take on a Serial Killer in The Trailer For SUMMER OF '84

A Group of Teenagers in The 80s Take on a Serial Killer in The Trailer For SUMMER OF 8411

"There's a serial killer on the loose! What else could possibly be this exciting!"

Summer of '84 is one of the films that I'm really excited about seeing at the Sundance Film Festival later this month. I was already sold on the premise, but today we have an awesome trailer to share with you and if you're a fan of the 80s and this radcore movement that Hollywood has found itself in, this is a film project that will definitely perk your interest. 

The movie comes from the same filmmaking team that brought us the radical cult film Turbo Kid. As you'll see, Summer of '84 has a very similar vibe as Stranger Things, but instead of taking on a monster from another dimension, a group of geeky teenagers get excited about taking on a real-life monster... a serial killer that is terrorizing their suburban community. If The Goonies were to go on an adventure to capture a serial killer, this movie is what that might look like. Here's the synopsis:

Every serial killer is somebody’s neighbor. For 15-year-old Davey, the thought of having a serial killer in his suburban town is a scary yet exciting prospect at the start of a lazy summer. In hormonal overdrive, Davey and his friends dream of sexual conquests until the news reports of the Cape May killer. Davey convinces his friends that they must investigate, and they uncover that his next-door neighbor, an unassuming, single police officer, could be the prime suspect. Could Davey possibly be right, or is it his overactive imagination?

Mad Men star Rich Sommer takes on the role of the serial killer, and he is joined by Graham VerchereJudah LewisCaleb EmeryCory Gruter-AndrewTiera SkovbyeJason Gray-Stanford, and Shauna Johannesen

The movie was directed by RKSS which consists of François Simard, Anouk Whissell, and Yoann-Karl Whissell

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