A Harley Quinn Vs. The Joker Spinoff Movie Being Developed by Warner Bros.

*sigh* Warner Bros... sometimes I feel like you just don't get it. You're making a Harley Quinn vs The Joker movie? If you asked me a couple years ago, I might have been all over this. But now? Now I just can't help but sigh.

But, maybe I'm wrong about feeling this way. Maybe this could end up being a good movie. A movie that's better than Suicide Squad. The movie will have Margot Robbie and Jared Leto return in the roles that they played in Suicide Squad. While Robbie did a decent job in the film, there were a lot of terrible added jokes that just didn't land for me in that movie. As for The Joker... Leto just wasn't a proper Joker, in my opinion. He wasn't a terrible character, he just didn't feel like the Joker to me. 

The film is being described as a spinoff, but we have very little information as to what it's about other than it will involve these two characters. Geoff Johns is also set to produce it. I don't know, this just seems like a bad idea to me. This seems like a desperate attempt to do what Deadpool did successfully. Silly Anti-hero movie. As more information is revealed, maybe I'll start to warm up to it, if that information is good!

Just to clarify, this movie is in addition to Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens. What do you think about DC Entertainment throwing a Harley Quinn Vs. Joker movie into the mix?

Source: Screen Rant

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