A Mild-Mannered Office Worker Hulks Out After a Bad Week in Animated Short HELL OF A WEEK

I’ve got fantastic and enjoyable animated short film for you to watch today called Hell of a Week. The short comes from Damien Bastelica and the story centers around a mild-mannered man named Roger, who works in an office.

After a long bad week of having shit thrown at him by his office mates for a laugh, Roger completely hulks out and goes on a vicious rampage! Here’s the synopsis:

Mondays can be a drag. But imagine if everyday sucked. Well, that's Roger's life and... he's having one hell of a week. I present to you my short film, "Hell Of A Week"!

After you watch the short film below hit us up with your thoughts! Have you ever had a hellish week where you’ve wanted to hulk out? In all honesty, that was this last week for me. What a nightmare it’s been.

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