A Monstrous Young Woman Stalks The Woods in This Sinister Trailer For The Horror Thriller THE DARK

Here’s an interesting trailer for a solid-looking horror film called The Dark. The story centers around a monstrous young woman named Mina who stalks the forest where she was murdered… and eats people.

Anytime some unfortunate soul enters her area, they are quickly dispatched and become her feast. But when she stumbles across a young boy named Alex in the back of a car who shows signs of clear and horrifying abuse, she can’t bring herself to do away with him. Rather, she becomes his protector while trying to protect her own little world. As police and locals search for Alex to help bring him home, their own growing relationship seems to be changing Mina in ways she never thought possible. 

This is a great horror movie concept and I enjoyed what this trailer had to offer. Judging by the positive reviews the film has received, this seems like a movie worth checking out. It’s described as being a "transfixing, unnerving masterpiece" and a "haunting and deeply intense atmospheric film about love, monsters and revenge that is being compared to the spine-chilling Let The Right One In." 

The Dark is the feature film debut of Justin P. Lange, and it stars Nadia Alexander as Mina, Toby NicholsKarl MarkovicsMargarete Tiesel, and Dylan Trowbridge. There’s no release date yet as the film is still making the film festival rounds.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think!

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