A New Animated X-MEN Series Is Reportedly Coming Later This Year

For the most part, Marvel Animation has given us some great animated X-Men series in the past. Two of my favorites are the classic '90s series and X-Men: Evolution, which is where the character X-23 originated. Wolverine and the X-Men was an ok series as well. Now it seems like we have a new X-Men animated series coming later this year. 

According to Bleeding Cool, the development of the new series started when Fox and Marvel started working together on the live-action X-Men series in development including Legion and the Matt Nix-created series that was recently announced. The site goes as far to say that we will get an official announcement later this year. 

If there is any truth to this news, the announcement will most likely happen at WonderCon or Comic-Con. There are absolutely no details on what this series will entail, but it's exciting to learn that we might be getting a new animated X-Men series. 

If there is a new series in development, I really hope that it turns out better than the current cheap crap that Marvel Animation is pumping out. 

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