A New DRAGON BALL SUPER Film Possibly Being Thought Up Right Now

Dragon Ball Super: Broly was a big success, and it looks like there’s more in store for Dragon Ball Super. In the Japanese booklet for the Blu-ray of Broly, there was an interview from Akio Iyoku inside. Iyoku is the director of the Dragon Ball Unit at Shueisha and part of the interview was shared on social media via Twitter:

The translation (via ComicBook.com) says:

Now for our next steps, we are steadily preparing for the next movie.

Broly was so strong that I think the next one will probably be totally different. I’ve overcome various hurdles with parts of Broly, so I won’t get burned out, I think that Dragon Ball will continue on, so I want fans to look forward to it.

That’s right, it looks like another Dragon Ball Super film may be in the works already, and I’d be OK with that. The real question is, what should it visit? Should they bring Garlic Jr. into the canon? Should they create new characters or just further explore known ones? What would you like to see?

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