A New DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Supplement Is Focused Entirely on Warlocks

If you’re a fan of playing a Warlock in your Dungeons & Dragons groups, then I have the perfect supplement for you. No, this isn’t some weird pill that I’m trying to sell you. Instead, it’s a 47 page supplement for you to read on the DM’s Guild.

Tome of the Pact comes from Alex Clippinger and has some exciting new toys for Warlocks. For starters, Clippinger has provided three new patrons for you to ally yourself with: Limbo, Mechanus, and a storm giant. Warlocks are also given access to 24 new invocations such as Crown of Madness. There are also 144 quirks that span across all patrons, not just the three new ones.

There is more to Tome of the Pact, but I’ll let you find out for yourself. If this interests you, head on over to DM’s Guild and buy the PDF for a mere $4.95.

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