A New JADE EMPIRE Trademark Has Been Spotted

When people think of BioWare, they’ll often think of beloved franchises such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Knights of the Old Republic. Maybe they think of new projects like Anthem as well. Kudos to you if you think of Jade Empire. It’s a fantastic game that maybe could’ve used a bit more polish, but it is definitely a game that RPG fans should check out. However, after almost 14 years, nothing has ever been done with the game. Until about two weeks ago.

On January 22, 2019, a new trademark for Jade Empire was filed. Now, the trademark could simply be to help them maintain the rights to the franchise, but it’s possible that there’s more to it. Jade Empire was added to Microsoft’s backwards compatibility list in Spring 2018.

Also, on an episode of The 1099 from a year ago, Mike Laidlaw mentioned that Jade Empire 2 has been thought of. With some games getting sequels after almost 14 years, it’s not crazy to think that we may be getting Jade Empire 2 after all.

It’s also possible that instead of a sequel, BioWare is going to remaster the game for current gen consoles. Either way, it would be amazing. Especially if said game was released on Nintendo Switch.

Via: CB

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