A New SAILOR MOON Musical Will Debut in 2020 Based on SAILOR MOON S The Movie

Sailor Moon fans rejoice because next year a new Sailor Moon musical will be launched. This musical will cover the story of the Sailor Moon S film or the Princess Kaguya arc from the manga. I have a friend who went to the Sailor Moon musical that came to the U.S. a bit ago and she said it was awesome, so I’m pretty hyped about this. I’d be especially hyped if this one came to the U.S. and I could go see it because whenever I hear about an anime musical, I get hyped. Here’s a synopsis for Sailor Moon S per ComicBook.com.

The plot follows the arrival of the villain Kaguya as she and her minions attempt to encase the world in ice. All the Sailor Scouts assemble to attempt to defeat her while Serena’s cat/mentor Luna, falls in love with an astronomer in the process. While Luna struggles with her desire to become human, the scouts find their attempts to defeat Kaguya futile until they manage to combine all of their powers in the “Imperium Silver Crystal”.

Are you excited to hear about a new Sailor Moon musical? Do you like the idea of them adapting the Princess Kaguya arc? There’s no release date yet, simply Summer 2020.

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