A Norwegian Lady Made a Giant Xenomorph Out of Gingerbread

There are times I turn on the Internet and just have to say, “People are amazingly talented.” Today is one of those days.

I was going through the Internet when I came across this incredible Xenomorph statue made out of gingerbread. That’s right. While we were all making silly little houses and people out of the cookie, Caroline Eriksson in Norway was making a freaking Xenomorph.

According to Laughing Squid, Erikkson explained that she used an iron skeleton to allow the Xenomorph to be in a challenging pose, but other than the skeleton, the beast is edible (though she doesn’t recommend it because she made the pieces harder than usual).

The skeleton is covered in what I assume is yummy (but hard) gingerbread, and the pieces are glued together with melted sugar. Of course, the real question is, who would want to eat such an amazing statue anyway?

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