A Piece of Concept Art From MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Has Surfaced Showing Teela

I'm very curious to see how this upcoming Masters of the Universe film turns out. Director David S. Goyer recently shared a couple photos of him looking at some preliminary designs for some of the characters. The one character that we get a decent look at is of He-Man's right-hand-woman Teela. The things is... she's wearing some kind of mech-type battle-suit!?

I'll be honest... I'm not a fan of it. Look, I like the design... but this in no way represents He-Man and The Masters of the Universe. Why does she need a mech battle suit? This is the first sign for me that this film is being taken in the wrong direction. I want to finally see a He-Man movie that is faithful to the classic action figure line and cartoon that many of us grew up with. No one in the He-Man universe needs a mech suit! All the characters are so much more badass on their own! In the cartoon, Teela sports that radical snake armor! That's what I want to see in the movie.

These designs come from Blade: Trinity concept artist Carlos Huante, who is also in the photos looking at the designs with Goyer. Master of The Universe is currently set for a December 18th, 2019 release. What do you think of this design for Teela?

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