A Sequel to THE LEGO MOVIE Is Already in the Works

Movie The LEGO Movie by Joey Paur

That didn't take long. The LEGO Movie hasn't even been released yet, but Warner Bros. is already working on a sequel. I guess this news should come as no surprise. I don't think that there was any doubt that we would see a sequel. 

The news comes from The Wrap, who reports the studio has hired Jared Stern to co-write the script. This is the guy who wrote The Internship and Mr. Popper’s Penguins. There's no word on who the other writer is. 

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller wrote and directed the first film, but there's no indication on whether or not they will be back for the sequel. The report also says that according to advanced market research The Lego Movie will be a huge hit, pulling in around $40 million on opening weekend. The movie looks like it will be a ton of fun, and LEGO has such a huge audience that of course the movie will do well at the box office. It hits theaters this week, and I'll be there to watch it! 

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