A Superhero Heist Film is in the Works at Legendary Pictures

Here’s an interesting idea: a superhero heist film. When I first heard the phrase, I thought it would be a movie where for whatever reason some superheroes were trying to steal a diamond or something a la Ocean’s Eleven. However, it turns out that I’m wrong.

Chris Baugh and Brendan Mullin have been hired by Legendary to work on a film where a group of criminals will try to rob a superhero’s hideout. Of course, things go wrong, and they’ll have to try to escape the hero’s lair with their lives. This actually sounds like a fun premise to me. The film is untitled, but I’m excited to hear more about it as things develop.

You may know Baugh and Mullin from Bad Day for the Cut and it looks like they will be writing the film, producing the film, and Baugh will even direct the film. What do you think of this premise? Is it a nice change in pace?

Source: THR

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