A VENOM Design Has Surfaced Rumored to Be Our First Look at Tom Hardy's Symbiote Suit

The images you see below are rumored to give us our first glimpse at the design of Tom Hardy's CGI version of Venom in the upcoming movie that's currently in development. 

This venom creature design comes from artist Mikkel Frandsen and he recently shared the Symbiote sculpture on his website. It's not confirmed that this is one of the designs he created for the film, but the artist does have a movie project listed for 2018 that isn't specifically named. There's a chance that it could be Venom!

The design doesn't have any color to it, but you can still see that it has a crazy and sinister look. If this does turn out to be the look of Venom in the movie, it's certainly terrifying. It's definitely more of a comic book accurate design. 

This very well may not be the design to be used in the film, but regardless, what do you think of it?

I also included a link to some new set photos and video featuring Tom Hardy fighting to control the symbiote.

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