A Video Of An Oscillating Fan Is Currently One Of Netflix's Most Popular Shows

It's the most slept on hit of 2015. Bigger than Making A Murderer, Jessica Jones, and Orange Is The New Black. No joke, Mentalfloss tells us the film Oscillating Fan For Your Home is one of Netflix's hottest shows at the moment. I guess in the Nick Offerman sipping whiskey in front of a fire craze this one slipped off the radar for me. Here's the synopsis...

This summer, beat the heat with a neat treat — a fan that literally provides no breeze whatsoever! Invite the rustic charm of a traditional oscillating fan into your home. Let its gentle rhythmic oscillations soothe you through the season, as the hum of the electronic din provides a backdrop for all manner of family fun. Premieres December 23, only on Netflix.

It even has a trailer, which gives the Yule Log a run for its money! Every day I'm amazed at the ridiculous things we make trendy. Guess I have yet another thing on my list to binge watch!

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