Aaron Sorkin Confirms that Christian Bale Is Playing Steve Jobs

A week ago we learned that Christian Bale was in talks to join Sony Pictures' Steve Jobs movie being directed by Danny Boyle. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has now confirmed that Bale has been cast in the role, which was previously supposed to have gone to Leonardo DiCaprio

In an interview with Bloomberg, Sorkin revealed that Bale didn't even need to audition for the role. He explains:

“There was a meeting. The role is an extremely difficult role; he has more words to say in this movie than most people have in three movies combined. There isn’t a scene or frame that he’s not in.”

That sounds like a very intense acting gig, but seeing what Bale has done in the past, he has the talent to be able to pull it off brilliantly. I also love that Jobs will be in every frame of this film. The writer adds:

“We needed the best actor on the board in a certain age range and that’s Chris Bale. It’s an extremely difficult part and he’s gonna crush it.”

Yeah he is! I can't wait to see how Bale brings Jobs to life in this long awaited movie. Sorkin previously revealed that the movie will be divided into three long scenes, each one takes place backstage before one of Jobs' famous product launches.

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