ABC Is Developing a MAGNUM P.I. Sequel Series Centering on Magnum’s Daughter

TV Magnum P.I. by Joey Paur

ABC is bringing Magnum P.I. back to TV in a sequel series that will revolve around Thomas Magnum's daughter. I haven't watched the original series that starred Tom Selleck in years, but I sure did enjoy it when I was growing up.

Variety describes the upcoming series as "a rebirth of the 'fun, high-action' of Magnum P.I, as Magnum’s daughter, Lily 'Tommy' Magnum returns to Hawaii to take up the mantle of her father’s PI firm." They go on to explains that "She and her tribe of friends mix tropical beaches with the seedy underbelly of international crime and modern espionage, even as she tries to unravel the mystery of the blown spy operation that ended her career in Navy Intelligence."

I don't really remember much of the plot from the original series, but Lily was introduced in it as a young child. The report says that sequel series will stay true to her original backstory, which involved her reuniting with Thomas after her mom and stepdad were killed. 

I'm completely on board with this concept and think it could prove to be a fun show. Who knows, maybe Selleck will come back to reprise his role and make an appearance! The big question is... did she inherit his car?

Via: Variety

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