ABC Developing Series Based on Richard Castle's DERRICK STORM Books

This is really interesting. ABC is currently developing a new series based on the Derrick Storm mystery novels that were written by the fictional character Richard Castle, who is played by Nathan Fillion in the fantastic drama Castle

I love this show, and it's really kind of meta that they are making a sort of spin-off series based on a fictional character that comes from a fictional book from a fictional author. 

One thing that I didn't realize until recently was that those Derrick Storm novels that have been referenced on Castle have actually been published in real life under the name of Richard Castle. Those book are also on best-seller status! That is both really weird, yet cool. For those of you not familiar with Derrick Storm, he is a spy who gets called on by the CIA to help them with mysterious missions. 

Variety reports that Castle vet Gregory Poirier is writing the pilot and he will executive produce the project with Castle creator and executive producer Andrew Marlowe.

Castle is moving into its seventh season and the ratings for the show just seem to be getting higher and higher. The sixth season had it highest ratings to date. I'm looking forward to seeing how this new series develops.