ABC is Developing a Marvel Female Superhero Series with WONDER WOMAN Writer Allan Heinberg

TV ABCMarvel by Joey Paur

ABC is developing another Marvel series and this one is said to focus on female characters with superpowers. According to Deadline, this new project is being developed by Allan Heinberg, who is best known for writing DC’s Wonder Woman movie. He’s also worked on shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Party of Five, Gilmore Girls, and The OC. He has also worked with Marvel Comics in the past writing Young Avengers and its sequel, Avengers: The Children’s Crusade with co-creator/artist Jim Cheung. He seems like a solid choice to take on a project like this.

There’s not a lot of information on what this series will be about or what characters it will involve. But, we do know that it will be an hour-long drama that will focus on some of the lesser known, more obscure female Marvel characters. You’d think they’d just want to bring back Agent Carter! That show should have never been cancelled. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing a She-Hulk series, especially one based on that last comic book run that was recently cancelled.

According to the report, “launching a new Marvel series has been a priority for ABC, with the Heinberg project emerging as a strong contender from the get-go, I hear.” They are said to be very excited about this series.

Who are some obscure female Marvel superhero characters that you’d like to see in a new series?

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