According to a Poll BACK TO THE FUTURE Is the Movie Franchise That Audiences Want to See Remade

So, THR recently conducted a poll asking people what film franchise they would like to see rebooted. For some reason, 71% of these crazy people said they wanted to see Back to the Future get remade!?

There were 2,201 adults surveyed in the poll, and 71% of them said that they’d be likely to watch a remake of the classic film franchise that followed Marty McFly and Doc Brown on a time traveling adventure.

I don’t know who these people are that were surveyed, but they obviously aren’t film buffs. Back to the Future is one of those movies that is considered untouchable by so many fans. It’s a classic that should never be touched!

The runner up film franchises included Pixar’s Toy Story with 69%, Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones with 68%, Universal’s Jurassic Park with 67%, Hunger Games with 55%, The Matrix with 54%, and Avatar with 53%. It’s crazy to me that people would want any of these film franchises to be rebooted!

Right now Hollywood is enjoying remaking and rebooting older films. There’s a high demand for those kinds of films along with sequels. The majority of audiences obviously love them because they make so much damn money. That’s why Hollywood keeps doing that instead of developing original ideas.

Tyler Sinclair, Morning Consult's vice president said that "there's a strong consumer demand for movie reboots and sequels, which spells good news for movie studios looking to capitalize on that nostalgic feeling, Our polling finds half of Americans say they are much more likely to watch throwbacks and revivals."

That’s kinda sad to hear. This just means that remakes and reboots will never end. In fact, it’s probably just going to get worse, especially with the big studio films. At least we have film festivals and streaming services that will take more chances on original stories and independent films.

You can read all of the details on the poll that was conducted here. As a film buff, I think that this poll is actually pretty depressing and my faith in the future of Hollywood and the majority of audiences is truly dying.

Luckily, Robert Zemeckis has said there are no plans for a Back to the Future remake and that it would have to happen over his dead body. So, let’s hope Zemeckis never dies!

What do you think about this poll? Would you want to see Back to the Future get remade?

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