Action-Packed Trailer For Tony Jaa's New Martial Arts Thriller PARADOX

Tony Jaa kicks ass in this first trailer for his upcoming martial arts action-thriller Paradox. The story is set in Thailand and follows a Hong Kong police officer (Louis Koo) whose 16-year-old daughter is kidnapped. To help find and rescue her, he teams up with the local police, played by Jaa and Wu Yue, but instead finds himself embroiled in a web of corruption and violence. They end up facing off with an American gangster named Sacha, who is managing a black market organ smuggling ring.

The movie comes from director Wilson Yip, who is behind the awesome IP Man trilogy. Paradox looks like a great film that is going to be packed full of some badass action sequences that you'll get a taste of in this trailer. 

The movie will be released on May 8th. Enjoy the trailer and let us know if it's a movie that you'll want to watch!

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