Adam Driver Discusses His STAR WARS EPISODE VII Experience

In a recent interview with EW, Star Wars: Episode VII star Adam Driver talked about what it was like working on such a high profile film. We don't really know who he's playing at this point, but there's a lot of speculation that he might be taking on the role of a villain. He won't confirm or deny any of these rumors, but it's fun to read what he had to say about being a part of the J.J. Abrams directed movie.

“Doing Star Wars now—that’s surreal. I feel like that even with this cast. You start by try[ing] to stamp [that feeling] down as much as possible, just focus on what it is that you are there to do… Easier said than done.”

He then talked about what he enjoys about the Star Wars franchise as a whole.

"The thing about Star Wars that’s so good—sure there’s this huge [canvas]. It’s space, it’s a long time ago in a galaxy far away. That’s set up immediately. But in the midst of all those things, what has made those movies last so long is that they’re all grounded, which is something that is not so far off from every movie with huge universal themes of siblings and parents and betrayal and trust. That’s so generic and obvious, but it’s hard to balance those things.
"When you break all of those things down, really it’s just because someone wasn’t loved enough or felt betrayed. That’s what makes those movies so universal. I think they can get in your mind in big and sweeping ways."

When talking about what he loved about the original movies, he said,

"I always think back to the original movies and to those quieter moments where Luke is out in A New Hope, and there are the two suns setting, and it’s just such a quiet moment. It is the equivalent, basically, of a farm boy dying to get out of his small town and do something bigger. It’s those kinds of universal themes that ground this whole thing in space."

When Driver was asked about the emotion of the films, he said,

"How great is that to get to work on something that has so much humanity in the midst of it? I feel like that’s everyone’s goal, to balance those two. Again, surreal seems to be the word of this interview. It’s exciting to get that to be part of your life. Now you have to contribute something to it—and that’s not something you, personally, or anyone on set takes lightly. I feel like everybody wants to make it good.
"Friendship, I feel, is something that maybe isn’t investigated as much—or maybe I’m not watching those movies. It was such a huge part of the original three. 'I’m going to go save my friend.' Everyone was going to go bail their friends out. 'I can’t do this because my friends, everything is at stake because of my friends. I gotta go back. … Yoda, I gotta leave, whatever… I gotta leave.' [Laughs]"

In case you've been wondering if George Lucas has been on the set of the film, Driver says:

"I haven’t seen him. I don’t know."

Driver will be back to continue shooting his part around "mid-November, end of December," so they still have a ways to go before they are finished shooting. 

As for who Driver could be playing...

(Possible SPOILERS ahead)




I could see him taking on the role of the main Inquisitor villain, who was recently described as being "tall and thin." Driver is 6' 3'' and he looks thin… just sayin'. For more on the Inquisitors possible role in Episode VII, click here

Star Wars: Episode VII is scheduled to be released on December 18th, 2015.

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