ADAM Is a Visually Stunning Sci-Fi Short Film Rendered in Real Time

I’ve got an incredible must see sci-fi short film for you to watch today called "Adam." The short is actually a demo that was created for a real time rendering engine called Unity for video games, so what you are seeing in this short was rendered in real time. 

The short is set in the distant future, and the story revolves around a robot named Adam who confusingly wakes up to find he’s being released into a world with other robots just him. You can see that he’s a felon with a digital screen on his chest that reads, “Adam M. Thomas - Felony Code 227900". After they are released, they are confronted with two mysterious bounty hunter-type characters who remove the felony code and free them.

The short film was written and directed by Veselin Efremov, and it's a beautifully made short and the visuals are absolutely stunning so check it out when you get a chance! I would love to see the story, world, and characters explored even further. I wasn’t ready for the film to end when it did. I wanted more!

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