Adam McKay In Discussions to Direct a Marvel Film

Adam McKay, the writer and director behind films such as Anchorman, Step Brothers, and The Other Guys, was recently hired by Marvel to re-write the script for Ant-Man. He did this with the help of the film's star, Paul Rudd. He probably would have directed it if he wasn't so busy working on other projects. McKay had such a great time working with the studio, though, that he wants to work with them again and direct a Marvel movie somewhere down the line. In a recent interview with CraveOnline, the director reveals that he's actually in discussions with the studio.

"[I] had such a great time working with them, that we're kicking around ideas. But yeah, maybe I would take on one of the characters. We haven't locked in anything, but discussions are definitely going on."

McKay is currently working on a movie called The Big Short, which is an adaptation of a book written by Michael Lewis. That film is about the housing and credit bubble in the 2000s. I've enjoyed all of the movies that McKay has made, and with his style of filmmaking and comedy tone, I think he would be perfect to take on one of the more obscure humorous Marvel characters like a Howard the Duck and Hell Cow movie! I seriously doubt Marvel will ever do that though.  

What Marvel characters would you like to see McKay take on?

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