Adam McKay May Reunite With Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly For a Border Patrol Comedy

I enjoyed The Big Short, Anchorman director Adam McKay's latest film, but even though I really liked the movie, I have to admit I'm a little shocked to see it getting so much Oscar attention. There are people who think it has a legit shot to take home Best Picture, which just seems a little nuts to me. Still, it definitely proves that McKay is a filmmaker to be taken seriously (even in his comedies), and now it appears that he has a new project lined up that may reunite him with the stars of one of his most beloved movies, Step Brothers.

The Playlist has a great breakdown of a discussion between McKay and director Paul Thomas Anderson that took place at the Director's Guild the end of November that included this tantalizing piece of information:

“I’m actually talking with [Will] Ferrell and John C. Reilly about doing a comedy about two guys who go down to defend America's borders against the immigrants, and I’m pretty excited about it,” McKay said. “We actually have Jesse Armstrong who wrote 'In The Loop'— [he’s] delivering a draft, I think, next week.”

McKay has never shied away from making comedies with more than just jokes at the forefront — other than The Big Short, Anchorman 2 and The Other Guys both have some major commentary just beneath the surface. This sounds like a potentially great reunion for these guys, and I hope McKay takes his newfound Hollywood heat and moves forward with this as his next project.

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