Adam Savage Shows Off Insane Board Game for Jim Henson's LABYRINTH From Weta Workshop Sculpture

In a recent episode of Tested, Adam Savage shows off an incredibly cool board game based on Jim Henson's classic '80s film Labyrinth. It's being created by Weta Workshop sculptor Johnny Fraser-Allen, who is currently working on the miniatures. The detail on this thing is absolutely amazing!

On a visit to effects studio Weta Workshop, Adam Savage meets and chats with artists who bring their own obsessions and passion projects to work. Sculptor Johnny Fraser-Allen, who is working on miniatures for Jim Henson's Labyrinth board game, shares with Adam his own intricate maze miniature, which will end up being the size of an entire room!

This thing is going to end up being huge! It will be the size of an entire room!? Looks like I'll have to buy a house with an extra room if I want to own one of these things... which I do!

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