Adam Scott & David Koechner Join Christmas Horror Comedy KRAMPUS

The first thing I ever wrote for GeekTyrant was a review of Michael Dougherty's fantastic Halloween horror film Trick 'r Treat back in 2009. Dougherty hasn't directed a feature film since then, and even though Trick 'r Treat 2 is on the way, he's tackling another horror movie based on a different holiday that's getting a release later this year. It's called Krampus, and now the film has added a few new cast members.

The Wrap reports that Adam Scott (Hot Tub Time Machine 2) and David Koechner (Anchorman) have signed on for the film, which will also star The Carrie Diaries actress Stefania Owen. Fargo's Allison Tolman and Emjay Anthony (Chef) round out the cast.

Similar to how Trick 'r Treat focused on a creature named Sam who punished those who didn't honor Halloween traditions, this movie will take its inspiration from a pagan legend that centers on a terrifying creature called the Krampus that punishes wicked children on Christmas while St. Nicholas gives gifts to the nice ones. Sounds like a great way to scare your kids straight, doesn't it? Dougherty co-wrote the script with Todd Casey and Zach Shields.

Anthony will play a target of the Krampus who is the film's hero, while Scott and Koechner will play fathers whose daughters have mysteriously gone missing. Owen plays Scott's daughter.

This sounds like it could be absolutely terrifying, and hopefully Dougherty brings the same level of mythology to this movie as he did to his previous film. Krampus has a December 4th, 2015 release date set, so I assume this production will have to get started pretty quickly in order to meet that date.

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