Adam West and Burt Ward Want to Play Live-Action Versions of Batman and Robin Again

As many of you know, Burt Ward played Robin in the 1960s tv series Batman. It's been over fifty years since he's suited up as Robin, that we know of. We don't know if he still puts on the costume behind closed doors to relive his glory days. 

In a recent interview with CB, the actor was asked if there were any young actors out there that he'd like to see take on the role and his reply was:

“Absolutely. Me!”

It doesn't seem like he was joking either as he went on to explain why he thinks it would work and that he and Adam West are trying to talk the studios into letting them do another live-action film as an older Batman and Robin. Here's his pitch:

"Let me throw something at you okay. Do you remember when the Star Trek ended, and Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner did all those Star Trek movies, remember that? They were very successful and those guys were a lot older right? I mean, you didn't care that they were older, you loved them because they were with you in your childhood. Can you imagine Adam and I now, yes older, 50 years later, going to put on our tights where maybe Batman is dusting off the tights in his closet and I'm trying to pull up the tights. This could be so hilarious. We're trying to talk to the studio into doing that. It would be the antithesis of all the stuff that you see, but I guarantee you the turnout, they'd be tearing the seats out of the theaters."

He does have a point, and I think it actually would be pretty damn funny to see a comedic take on the aged 1960s versions of their characters putting their Batman and Robin suits back on to fight crime. I'd watch the hell out of that movie! There's no doubt that anyone involved with it would have a ton of fun making it, and the fans would eat it up!

Who knows if it will ever happen, but I kinda hope that it does. What do you think about Ward's pitch for a new Batman and Robin film?

In the meantime, they have a great looking animated film coming out called Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, which comes out on November 1st.

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