Add 101 Feats to Your D&D Game with DAERDAN'S CLASS FEATS


If you’re looking for some more feats in your Dungeons & Dragons, you may want to look at Daerdan’s Class Feats from Wyatt Trull. This supplement has 101 new feats with at least six for each class. When creating this supplement, Trull attempted to stick to three principles. First, he wanted feats to expand upon the possibilities of niche playstyles and “expansion of class fantasy.” Second, some feats are designed in an attempt to address flaws in each of the classes or subclasses. Finally, some feats are simply additional resources for the class to use.

Some of these feats are pretty cool and especially the concepts like enhancing a Barbarian’s ability to use their fists. However, some of these seem to take away parts that make other classes unique and renders multiclassing useless. Granted, some people don’t want to multiclass because they want a level 20 character, but it’s something to keep in mind.

If you want these new feats, you can grab Daerdan’s Class Feats on DMs Guild for $4.95.

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