In case you really don’t have enough dragons in your game of Dungeons & Dragons, Conner McCall has you covered. The other day I shared his unofficial supplement, The Book of Dragons and now I’m here to share his sequel to that, The Book of Dragons: Volume II. This supplement offers some more subraces for draconic characters. There are also more new subraces for the different classes based on dragons. Of course, the biggest part of the supplement is the addition of several more dragon and dragon-like monsters. If you enjoyed the first supplement from McCall, you’re going to love Volume II.

The Book of Dragons: Volume II is the sequel to The Book of Dragons for 5th Edition, introducing even more draconic options for both players and Dungeon Masters in the world of 5th Edition. Though it functions as a sequel, The Book of Dragons: Volume II does not require its predecessor for use.

This book explores the possibilities of hatching and raising dragons, as well as lairs, wards, and hoards that might be guarded by the powerful beasts, and a multitude of other options for Dungeon Masters to explore. Players can also find rules for dragon-based subclasses, including three wizard Arcane Traditions and a Dracolyte prestige class. However, the bulk of this book (and its main purpose) is a bestiary, including an abundance of new dragon-like creatures (such as amphitheres, dragon eels, drakes, and linnorms), eleven new dragon types (six gem dragons and five ferrous dragons) at all twelve age categories, and rules for catastrophic and planar dragons.

You can purchase The Book of Dragons: Volume II from DMs Guild for $14.99.

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