AGENT CARTER Season 2: Hayley Atwell on the L.A. Setting, Stunts, and CIVIL WAR

Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell recently spoke about the highly-anticipated second season of Marvel’s period show while attending CTVUpfronts in Toronto. She talked about the Los Angeles setting of the series, her stunts, and said that she Agent Carter will not be in Captain: America: Civil War

On the Los Angeles Setting:

"We're going to LA for season 2. I kind of keep thinking L.A. Confidential in my head when I think about season 2 - there's a very dark glamor to it. And there'll be lots of beautiful shots of the rolling Hollywood hills and palm trees and maybe Peggy sitting in a convertible, with a head scarf, looking fabulous. I love playing her...I know her so well, you're not creating a character from scratch anymore, she's established, so we can have more fun with [the show].”

On the stunts:

"I love [the stunts]. I insisted that I do all my own stunts. I have two stunt coordinators who trained me up - it's like a dance. It all feels fluid, you have to get the right movements and make sure there's enough distance between you and the stunt men so you don't hurt them - which I've done many times. [But] it's a blast. You get to channel any tension or aggression you've got.”

As for an appearance in Captain America: Civil War, she admitted that she did visit the set, but claims that it was only to visit some friends, and not to shoot any scenes for the film.

The second season is currently being written, and according to the actress, the writers have asked her if she can sing and dance. So are we going to see Agent Carter doing a little entertaining in the film? She will be in Hollywood, so maybe she will be going undercover as an actress?

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