AKIRA Fans Bring the Film's Iconic Motorcycle to Life, Watch It in Action!


Akira is easily one of the most famous manga and anime films of all time. As the property gets closer and closer to getting a live-action film adaptation from director Taika Waititi, some fans went ahead and built a real-life working version of Kaneda’s iconic motorcycle from the film!

You can watch the motorcycle in action in the video below. While it doesn’t seem to have the speed of the motorcycle in the film, it’s still super-freakin-cool!

“The iconic blazing-red motorcycle ridden by the hero, Kaneda, symbolizes the world of AKIRA and attracts fans who dream of someday riding such a bike. Two enthusiasts who brought the fantasy Akira Bike to reality are Mr. Tejima, its owner, and Mr. Ushijima, the president of the BSU motorcycle shop.”

“The fabulous bike they produced was officially approved by Mr. Otomo and appeared in the Katsuhiro Otomo Genga Exhibition, where it drew throngs of admirers.”

This video may be old, and you may have already seen it, but it’s still cool to see. There’s also a chance that maybe some of you haven’t seen it, which is why I am posting it.

Check out the video below and let’s hope that when Hollywood brings this bike to life in the movie that is being produced, it looks like this!

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