Akiva Goldsman to Write Script for THE RING 3D

About a month ago it was announced that Paramount Pictures would be making a third installment of The Ring, hiring F. Javier Gutiérrez to direct it. We've now learned that the studio is in talks with Academy Award winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to write a new draft of the script for the movie, which according to Deadline will be called The Ring 3D

As much as I've enjoyed this horror franchise, I can't help but roll my eyes at that stupid-ass title. I don't really care the the movie is going to be in 3D, almost everything is these days, so that's not surprising. But throwing it in the title is just ridiculous. 

There are no details on the story yet, but I'm sure it will involve Samara terrorizing a new generation of people with the video tape of death. Goldsman is obviously an incredibly talented screenwriter, and I'm not surprised that he would be interested in taking on a project like this, as he's also a producer on the Paranormal Activity films. I guess he has got some good ideas for it. Regardless of the title, this could turn out to be a solid horror film. 

Source: Deadline

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