Alamo Drafthouse Is The Latest Theater Chain To Get Into The Subscription Service Game


As Moviepass continues to enact more and more changes with its subscription service, more and more theater chains are finally rolling with the trend and starting up their own subscription services. AMC revealed an upgrade to its tiered program last week, and now Alamo Drafthouse released an official statement announcing the beta testing of its own subscription service (via Slashfilm):

“Alamo Drafthouse is launching a waitlist beta for a monthly subscription program called Alamo Season Pass. The beta test will be run exclusively at our Yonkers, NY location, with the first invites going out on July 18th. Our guests have been asking for quite some time for us to offer an affordable monthly subscription plan that allows for unlimited movies and the ability to reserve tickets in advance at Alamo Drafthouse. We plan to test a variety of models and pricing structures to see what works as a sustainable model. At this time there’s no firm timeline for a wider rollout to other Alamo Drafthouse locations, but when there is we’ll let our Alamo Victory loyalty members know first.”

It appears as though this is the beginning of the end for Moviepass. I would imagine that once these theater chains start getting their own subscription services up and rolling, it'll only be a matter of time before Moviepass begins to be blocked out once more. I'm not all that mad about it considering how often they've been switching up their terms of service, but I personally feel like this new trend is going to force me to commit to one of the many theater chains in my area, which I'm not entirely comfortable with. How do you feel about having to stick to a specific theater chain? Do you already do that?

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