Alex Kurtzman's THE MUMMY to Launch Cinematic Monster Universe

Alex Kurtzman was recently announced as the director of The Mummy reboot, which will be the first in a Universal Pictures cinematic monster universe, in the same way Iron Man launched the Marvel cinematic universe. Kurtzman is a brilliant choice to direct and has been involved with lots of acclaimed TV and movies, notably Star Trek, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Star Trek Into Darkness, Fringe, Sleepy Hollow, and Alias. His knack for great episodic and cinematic storytelling is exactly what's needed for the movie that will kickstart a whole universe of films.

Universal is also pushing its release date back to June 26, 2016. My guess is that Universal and Kurtzman want enough time to properly develop the movie and map out the cinematic universe.

I've heard rumors that Universal Pictures cinematic monster universe will be set in modern day, a rumor I hope is not true. Maybe it's my limited vision for these characters, but I've always seen them as period movies.

Source: THR, Digital Spy, Nuke The Fridge