Alex Ross' Concept Sketches for Marvel's PLANET HULK Animated Film

Here are three concept sketches that comic artist Alex Ross created for Marvel's Planet Hulk animated film. These were for the poster and DVD/Blu-ray cover. It's really interesting to see what the other concept designs looked like. 

The art comes from Frank Paur, who was the supervising director on the project. If you haven't seen that movie yet, you definitely should because it's really a great film.  This is a note that came along with the art:

"Anything that Alex Ross does is Awesome, but it takes on another level when he does it on a project that you're associated with. I'm cleaning up my files I came across these concept sketches for the cover art to my Planet Hulk animated movie I did for Marvel / Lionsgate a few years back. I forgot about them until recently. If you're like me, you love how things are created and the process that leads to the final art. Here are 3 concepts that he pitched with the one that made it to the final cut with just a minimal change. Enjoy."

I included the final design for the poster at the bottom.

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